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Moray Rugby Club


Senior Squads Training
6:30pm each Tuesday/Thursday
U13/U14 Training
6:30pm each Tuesday
Registration Day/RBS Rugbyforce Day
10am on 18th August 2019

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Mini and Micro Section

Welcome to Moray’s Minis & Micros:

At Moray Rugby club, we are committed to introducing as many young players as we can, to the chance of learning the basics of rugby, experiencing low level competitive rugby, develop their team-work skills, work on fitness, and above all to enjoy themselves.

At Moray RFC, we aim to develop to exciting running rugby and players, using the IRB ‘six basic skills’ and SRU Key National Themes, as a basis for their development.

The sense of fair play, sportsmanship and friendship is at the heart of all Moray's rugby and we aim to provide a platform for all children who want to play rugby in an environment that is both safe and enjoyable.

Moray is an open Community Club and as such all are welcome to come down to Morriston and be a part of the rugby culture both on and off the field of play.

Training times are detailed below.

Mini and Micro Section

Micro & Mini 2012-13 Season Dates

A comprehensive list of Mini/Micro season dates can be found here.

(All dates are subject to change - updates will be supplied)


P4/5 and 6/7 training starts at 10am on Sundays.

NOTE WELL: It is important that we get going on time and players should be down by 9.45am ready to start at 10am. Training finishes at 12 noon for both of these age groups.

P1-P3 (Micros) will start at 11am and finish at 12noon.

Winter Training Jan/Feb - Micro Players will be allocated indoor facilities during January and February - to take account for the extremes of Winter weather.

While Minis (P4-7) will continue to train at Morriston Playing Fields, subject to suitable weather conditions.

Where necessary sessions will be shortened, and alternative training plans will be considered to maintain player development, as required.


Equipment - Whilst it is not mandatory, we and the SRU consider it essential that players playing contact rugby (P4-7) have a mouthguard. We have dentist contacts within the Club should you require advice on this. Mouthguards are also available from supermarkets, sports shops and online and we do hold some spares, available at minimal cost. On the grounds of safety, we would recommend that P4-7 players without mouthguards do not take part in contact training and matches, although ultimately, that choice is yours. We also recommend that you consider protective headgear. Players should adopt a layered approach to clothing (including waterproofs) for training and festivals in all weather conditions and bring an adequate supply of water.

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the training sessions. Your son/daughter will appreciate your interest and will gain a lot from your encouragement. In all cases it is essential that you have provided the club with appropriate, IMMEDIATE, contact details. It is vital that we are able to contact you should there be any problem with your child. Mobile phone and landline numbers are a minimum requirement.

Cancellation or amendment of calendar dates - All dates are subject to alteration. These will be updated in the weekly newsletter, as required. Whenever possible we shall send out an email. Alternatively, if you are unsure, contact either the coaches or conveners (See details below). Whilst our default setting is to train if at all possible (we do have poor weather indoor alternative plans if required), sometimes sessions do have to be cancelled at late notice – please do not leave your child at the Club or any other venue without first checking with one of the coaches that the session is on.

Festival/Tournament Information – For each tournament in which players participate, and sometimes for joint training sessions, there is a £3 Match Fee – this goes towards the replenishment of first aid kits and the purchase of equipment. This will be collected on the day of the event. If a player uses a club shirt at a festival or tournament, they will NOT be expected to launder the shirt. This will attended to by the club.

Contact Details

For any queries please contact the Mini's and Micro's Convenors:

Rosie Hoskison
T: 01343 542531
M; 07927499824


Caledonia 2 North

(2021/22 Results)
Aberdeenshire 12 46
Highland 2nd XV 11 46
Moray 12 40
Ross Sutherland 10 22
Banff 12 19
Mackie 10 10
Aberdeen Grammar 2nd XV 9 1

Last 1st XV Game

1st XV Season (2021/22)
Banff 33 - 39 Moray
5th Mar 22 - KO: 15:00
Venue: Duff House

Next 1st XV Game

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Moray Rugby Football Club is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), Scottish Charity number: SC051430